About us

3DKATTEN is a company that specializes in parts, modifications and accessories for 3D printers. The company is based in Sweden but serves customers throughout Europe, including Norway. We offer a wide range of products adapted for 3D printing enthusiasts such as mechanical components, electronics and complete kits to enhance 3D printing capabilities. Our range includes stepper motors, fans, sensors and LED lighting, as well as specialty products such as the Nevermore StealthMax air filter kit, designed to improve safety and quality in 3D printing environments.

We work closely with Protonord, a Norwegian company, to offer model-specific protective covers for charging ports for electric cars. These covers are designed to protect the charging ports against weather conditions, using 3D scanning and CAD modeling to ensure a perfect fit for each car model. The products are manufactured locally with sustainable PETG material.

In addition, we have established a collaboration with YURIK Accessories in the USA, which further expands our product range. This collaboration enables us to deliver custom 3D printed accessories for electric cars to a wider market, ensuring high quality production and fast delivery across different regions.