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Nevermore Carbon - Standard/XL

Nevermore Carbon - Standard/XL

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Nevermore Carbon

  • Highly micro-porous and laboratory tested premium activated carbon, from a major European manufacturer
  • Market-leading VOC adsorption fine tuned for aromatic hydrocarbons emitted during 3D printing such as styrene, benzaldehyde, toluene, benzene, etc. [CTC >=80, benzene adsorption capacity up to 0.48g/g]
  • Market-leading surface area (storage capacity) of 1250m2/g!
  • Vacuum packed for minimal dust generation during shipping.
  • Vacuum dedusted during the packaging process for immediate use in 3d printers

Available in Standard (750ml, 0.33kg) and XL (2300ml, 1kg) sizes

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